Elevated Legacy's "It's Coffee Time" High Quality 100% Pure Coffee. - Colombia


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1. Enjoy Elevated Legacy's Premium, High-Quality, 100% Pure, Freshly Roasted Coffee To Elevate Your Mood, Energy, Focus & Productivity.

2. Size: 12 oz

3. Flavor: Colombia Grind

4. Ground Roast: Medium

5. The mornings can be "groggy" - "slow" - "ehhhh" - "almost painful right?

6. Not anymore when you wake up to a fresh cup of your Elevated Legacy Coffee.

7. Your energy, focus, and productivity will elevate to a level, that we believe and hope you never knew existed, when your body absorbs-in our premium, high quality, 100% pure, freshly roasted coffee.

8. We have gone through coffee after coffee, in fact, our family doesn't go a day without it, so we have tried it all, and we promise you that you will LOVE the elevated focus our coffee brings your day, WITH ZERO CRASH.

9. The main thing we had to create is coffee that didn't give you heartburn, elevated focus, without the crash.  We all know how hard that is to find in a combination right?  Well, we are excited to tell you that we FOUND the combination, which with coffee really just means the most cared about coffee, meaning no mass production where they put "whatever" they want to get it done and into the store fast.

10. Our coffee will often sell out simply due to the fact that we don't over order and over create our coffee to just "get it out" to the masses.  We will often sell out, so make sure if you have a chance to order it, get it, try it, enjoy it, love it.

We appreciate you.

The Elevated Legacy Team.

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